Willing To Change

You won’t solve a problem by continuing the same behavior that caused it. That seems like an obvious truth, yet it is ignored every day.

It’s tempting to think that some magic factor can create the results you want without any disruption in your routine. Yet reality is not so convenient.

If you seek a different destination, you must follow a different path. Hope is a powerful motivator, but hope alone is a poor strategy.

The first step in successfully solving a problem is to take full responsibility for it. The next step is to immediately stop doing whatever caused the problem in the first place.

Then, once you’re no longer sliding backwards, figure out a workable way forward. Transformation is available to you when you choose to invest yourself in it, when you’re willing to change.

Rather than cursing your fate, instead of empty wishes, act to make a difference. Be willing to change, and go in a direction that leaves the problem far behind.

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