The Precious Present

The message of Faith has been out there more than ever to get us through this difficult time.

We need Faith to let go of the past, let go of the unknown of the future and live in the present.

We can do so much during the next week and most likely a few more weeks to come at home to continue to help our bodies, minds, souls and work flourish-But you have to cherish the present!

I read “The Precious Present” and it helped me accept today with Faith and understanding to make my life the best it can be- today!

. “The present is what it is. It is valuable. Even I do not know why. It is already just the way it is supposed to be. When I see the present, accept the present, and experience the present, I am well, and I am happy. Pain is simply the difference between what is and what I want it to be.

Keep your Faith and Be well my friends!

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