Thank GOD

No matter what has happened in your life, God is there for you. And as hard and as crazy as it may sound, when the walls collapse and the world tumbles in, and when it looks like everything that we’ve loved is lost, that is the time to say “Thank you God!”
As I say this I cringe… “oh that’s too hard to do. You don’t know what I’ve lost! How can I possibly think God? I don’t want to thank him. I want to argue with him. I want to put things back the way they were.”
Of course you want God to repair the damage that is deflating you, disappointing you, discouraging you, or defeating you. You want your job back, you want your money back, you want your loved one back; you want your health back.
This is the most crucial time to say “Thank you God.”

Your faith in believing in what is meant to be, accepting it and moving on is how to make your life the best it can be…that is what life is all about.

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