Making Time into Achievement

Intention transforms empty time into a fulfilling life. Supply yourself with intention, and you’ll provide your world with achievement.

You are highly capable, yet mere capability doesn’t put food on the table. Intention activates your capability, with results that seem miraculous.

Everyday you can make a choice to do something to get your message out. Call people, post to social media, email new or past clients, give out your business card- do something today with intention to be the best real estate broker you can be. 

Know with clarity what you are choosing to do. Harness all your energy, focus it, apply it, with intention.

Shield yourself from meaningless distractions, with intention. Put your time, your attention, your skills to worthwhile use, with intention.

Set an ambitious intention, and discover how very much you can accomplish. Live the day with intention, and give yourself cause to be thankful for the way you’ve made use of your time.

Live with the power of intention. Decide what you’re going to do, and let that intention continue transforming time into achievement.

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