IF Only

If only ______ would happen, I would be super happy. Many people attempting to answer that ______with money, changing someone, changing the world, if only my boss, my family, my job, government, finances and the way I want it – I would be super happy. It becomes crystal clear that many of us have put our happiness on things beyond our control.
Surrender your “if onlys” to your God and higher power. Stop acting like a victim waiting for things to change. Take a new active role in seeking happiness – because it’s here and it’s now.
There are many areas of my life that I cannot change. What I can change is my attitude. Today I can accept my life as it is. I can be grateful and happy, here and now, with what I have.
“Life holds so much – so much to be happy about always. Most people ask for happiness and conditions. Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions” –Arthur Rubenstein 

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