Change for the BETTER

You will be a different person by the time your dark days pass. The future will be a better place if you become a better person because of your predicament.
How can adversity change you for the better? Look at who and where you are and where you want to go. Learn. You’ve made mistakes. Every single human has; no person is perfect. Lean on the best counsel you can find. Be genuinely humble. Lift others. All around you today, and in all of your tomorrows, there are human beings who are in bad straits. Turn your scars into stars. Teach others what you’ve learned the hard way.
What you do with your problem is far more important than what your problem does to you. 

Days to Come

Envision yourself in the days to come. See how much more rich and purposeful your life will be.

In the days to come, you’ll be stronger. You’re already feeling that strength as it continues to grow.

Experience will have given you a far greater appreciation for the good things you have. As a result, your life will encompass more joy, value, meaning, and fulfillment.

In the days to come, life will not always be easy. Yet in spite of that, and indeed because of that, your experiences will be increasingly worthwhile, and good.

Look forward, and see how much more you’ll be focused on all you love, on all that truly matters. You’ll live with more kindness, compassion, understanding, and generosity.

Every victory, every setback, every challenge, every effort, moves you ahead. Everything you’re living through now is adding to the richness of life in the days to come.

The Precious Present

The message of Faith has been out there more than ever to get us through this difficult time.

We need Faith to let go of the past, let go of the unknown of the future and live in the present.

We can do so much during the next week and most likely a few more weeks to come at home to continue to help our bodies, minds, souls and work flourish-But you have to cherish the present!

I read “The Precious Present” and it helped me accept today with Faith and understanding to make my life the best it can be- today!

. “The present is what it is. It is valuable. Even I do not know why. It is already just the way it is supposed to be. When I see the present, accept the present, and experience the present, I am well, and I am happy. Pain is simply the difference between what is and what I want it to be.

Keep your Faith and Be well my friends!

IF Only

If only ______ would happen, I would be super happy. Many people attempting to answer that ______with money, changing someone, changing the world, if only my boss, my family, my job, government, finances and the way I want it – I would be super happy. It becomes crystal clear that many of us have put our happiness on things beyond our control.
Surrender your “if onlys” to your God and higher power. Stop acting like a victim waiting for things to change. Take a new active role in seeking happiness – because it’s here and it’s now.
There are many areas of my life that I cannot change. What I can change is my attitude. Today I can accept my life as it is. I can be grateful and happy, here and now, with what I have.
“Life holds so much – so much to be happy about always. Most people ask for happiness and conditions. Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions” –Arthur Rubenstein 

Easy Does It

When something isn’t working the way I think it should, I can think about the slogan, “Easy does it”. Instead of re-doubling my effort, I can slow down and reassess the situation. The answer I seek may be staring me in the face, but sometimes I have to let go of what I’m doing before I can see it.
I was trying to zip a removable lining back into my coat, but it wasn’t working. I pushed as hard as I could, trying to force it to slide, but it wouldn’t budge. Finally I saw that I had been trying to fit the lining zipper into the coat’s front zipper. No wonder I couldn’t make it work!
How many times in my life have I done the same thing: forced A solution? I’ve tried to zip myself to people and situations that didn’t fit me, becoming frustrating and disheartening in the process. But I’ve learned that easy does it. I can take that time to see if I match what I think I want before I jump in and start zipping. My life is more serene because I’m not pushing to make myself fit somewhere I don’t belong.
Today’s reminder… if my plans hit a snag today, I will step back for a moment and take a come look at the situation before moving ahead.
Easy does it… Think about it when you’re in a hurry to do something and everything seems to go wrong… you’ll be surprised how much this little one idea I can do for you.

Divine Love

Good Friday… Today for many Christians- is a sacred day. This is the day Jesus dies. It’s sad but also joyful because the mysteries of faith are found in death.
As we go through this very uncertain time, please remind yourselves that the silver linings in our everyday life are what we need to focus on and appreciate. The set backs are here for us to grow from and become better people- the people God or your higher power wants you to be.

Willing To Change

You won’t solve a problem by continuing the same behavior that caused it. That seems like an obvious truth, yet it is ignored every day.

It’s tempting to think that some magic factor can create the results you want without any disruption in your routine. Yet reality is not so convenient.

If you seek a different destination, you must follow a different path. Hope is a powerful motivator, but hope alone is a poor strategy.

The first step in successfully solving a problem is to take full responsibility for it. The next step is to immediately stop doing whatever caused the problem in the first place.

Then, once you’re no longer sliding backwards, figure out a workable way forward. Transformation is available to you when you choose to invest yourself in it, when you’re willing to change.

Rather than cursing your fate, instead of empty wishes, act to make a difference. Be willing to change, and go in a direction that leaves the problem far behind.


Stop judging and evaluating yourself, for this is not your role. Above all, stop comparing yourself with other people. This produces feelings of pride or Inferiority, sometimes a mixture of both. God puts you on a path that is uniquely Tailor made for you. Comparing is not only wrong; it is also meaningless.
Don’t look for affirmation in the wrong places: your own evaluations or those of other people. The only source of real affirmation is the faith within yourself. Many people feel God is a judge angrily searching out their faults and failures – nothing could be further from the truth.
Your path is where you are supposed to be. Every day embrace what happens to you and focus on your goals and your faith to get you where you want to go. 

Protect Yourself

The positive mental attitude towards emotional well-being makes the person sensitive to the differences between negative and positive feelings. 
The possibility thinker gradually gains the ability to recognize and reject negative feelings, then intuitively and self-consciously senses and submit to the positive feelings! All forms of emotional input – relationships, books, magazines, religious teachings, lectures-affect our emotional well-being for better or worse. We begin to sense whether our thoughts and experiences are giving us joy, health, confidence, courage, love. If these positive emotions are stimulated, we ourselves will remain in the groove. But if ideas, individuals, institutions, activities, or experiences tend to leave us with negative feelings – discouragement, depression, anger, guilt, shame, we take immediate corrective action to extract ourselves… if this is not practical then create shields to protect ourselves from negative impact. 
My own personal shields to avoid negativity are prayer, readings with Bible verses and talking to those who have the knowledge and experience to help me grow beyond. 
Today stay positive and use your shield to be a better person. 

Street Ministry

True story- Today I was walking my dog and met a man with his dogs. We started chatting and he shared the following with me.
“If one lives in doubt, one lives without. If one believes one receives. By faith, prayer, obedience in service you can live your life to its fullest “
This is Brother Steve’s Street ministry

Is of God 

Can wait 

Is selfless

Is giving

Is righteous 





Is of the world

Must have it now

Is selfish

Is taking

Is bad




Word prison

I can’t


Shut up

Give me

Get out of my way

Too bad


Evil words destroy

Word freedom

I can

Difficult and challenging 

Please be quiet


Excuse me

Thank you

Good Godly words restore