Faith Filled Friday

Forgive, let it go, move forward

You cannot avoid being hurt sometimes by the carelessness, ignorance, or malice of others. Yet you can very much avoid prolonging that hurt.

Yes, it’s bad that bad things happen, whether intentionally or otherwise. But continuing resentment over them does not ever make them better.

Sometimes this hurt will come from clients interaction, a broker, friends or even family.

What will make your life better is forgiveness. What will free you from the pain is to let it go.

It’s tempting to imagine that you’re winning some sort of moral victory by continuing to suffer. That is just silly thinking. The real victory, however, comes when you move completely beyond the whole affair.

Don’t incapacitate yourself with an awareness clouded by resentment and the desire for revenge. You deserve to go in the direction of better, more positive pursuits.

Choose a hopeful future over a difficult past. Forgive, let it go, move forward with renewed energy and positive purpose. 

The greatest power you have in your life is to make choices to love others even if you’ve been hurt. 

Protect Yourself

The positive mental attitude towards emotional well-being makes the person sensitive to the differences between negative and positive feelings. 
The possibility thinker gradually gains the ability to recognize and reject negative feelings, then intuitively and self-consciously senses and submit to the positive feelings! All forms of emotional input – relationships, books, magazines, religious teachings, lectures-affect our emotional well-being for better or worse. We begin to sense whether our thoughts and experiences are giving us joy, health, confidence, courage, love. If these positive emotions are stimulated, we ourselves will remain in the groove. But if ideas, individuals, institutions, activities, or experiences tend to leave us with negative feelings – discouragement, depression, anger, guilt, shame, we take immediate corrective action to extract ourselves… if this is not practical then create shields to protect ourselves from negative impact. 
My own personal shields to avoid negativity are prayer, readings with Bible verses and talking to those who have the knowledge and experience to help me grow beyond. 
Today stay positive and use your shield to be a better person. 

Street Ministry

True story- Today I was walking my dog and met a man with his dogs. We started chatting and he shared the following with me.
“If one lives in doubt, one lives without. If one believes one receives. By faith, prayer, obedience in service you can live your life to its fullest “
This is Brother Steve’s Street ministry

Is of God 

Can wait 

Is selfless

Is giving

Is righteous 





Is of the world

Must have it now

Is selfish

Is taking

Is bad




Word prison

I can’t


Shut up

Give me

Get out of my way

Too bad


Evil words destroy

Word freedom

I can

Difficult and challenging 

Please be quiet


Excuse me

Thank you

Good Godly words restore