Faith Filled Friday

What does another person‘s mood, tone of voice, negative energy or weird circumstances have to do with my course of action today? Nothing, unless I decide otherwise.
I have learned I don’t have to react just because I have been provoked, and I don’t have to take harsh words to heart. I have to remember responding to situations is like talking to a child who sometimes doesn’t know how to let their feelings out- that some people are in pain and I have to show compassion. I sometimes have to show compassion to myself so I don’t flip out- and then find humor in the day’s ongoing situations…
When I have a compassionate and open mind to adversity, I can get through whatever the day brings in a way that is not a challenge but a way to make it more exciting.

Faith Filled Friday

Resentments poison your life.

It’s not necessary to keep reviewing how I’ve been hurt, to assign blame, or determine damages. Resenting people is just a waste of energy.
I may not resolve everything with the person in question – though that might be pleasant if it came to pass. I just want to be rid of the resentment because it prevents me from experiencing joy. 

Today I will try to shift my energy to where it will do some good. I will pray to remove the negative energy and choose to be happy. 

If I am holding a resentment, I can simply ask for relief, for peace of mind in the present moment. I will remind myself that this relief will come in God’s time. Then I can grow, be patient, and wait.

“ No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched” -George Jean Nathan

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